This is not about celebrity culture. This is about OUR culture and yes, rape culture
I think you’re missing a more important point here.
Ingrid Koehler

I am not sure we can go from Trump to rape culture. If we want to say that we have rape culture, then that is our culture. Yet, that cannot be true since to recognize the problem of rape means that we have a culture that extends beyond rape to normal behaviour.

Not every man is a rapist. We have laws against rape. Rape is not accepted by the culture. It might be accepted, in a certain way, within sub-culture, but it is clear that society, as the dominant culture, does not condone rape culture, it does not promote a rape culture.

We punish rapists. Could we be better at this, yes. Are the relationships between men and women fraught with ambiguities, difficulties, and problems, certainly. We are political animals or social animals. We cannot escape that biology. We can work to restrain it, punish it, and reduce it. What we cannot do, though is eliminate our animal nature without doing violence to what makes us human. We live with the terrible burden of free will, we can choose to be human or we can choose to be an animal. Without that choice, though, we stop being human.

Our only chance to transcend this problem is through education, which includes shaping the character of men, and women, so value human life to see the dignity in each person.