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Again, you seem to mostly just be repeating the main point of my article. What I see now is that you‘re missing the context of the article. I say this in the piece but, this article is a direct response to dozens of article about alleged “Bernie Bros,” who both pro-Clinton pundits and the Clinton campaign themselves have talked about. They have crafted a narrative that Bernie supporters are uniquely vitriolic online, in spite of the near universal nature of online harassment towards women. I explain why this obscures the actual problem and suggest that this is something the campaigns should unite on. Instead, one campaign is just using it to fling mud and the other is just trying to dodge it.

“ Why not lead that effort — right away — with whatever power you have? Who are you waiting for, to do that? Right now, your article, which doesn’t do that, has 1.6K recommendations — and who knows how many reads. You have 363 followers. I think it’s a missed opportunity!”

This post had 0 recommendations when I wrote it and I had maybe 10 followers. The response to it has been unexpected at overwhelming. It’s gotten that response because the article addresses concerns that women have felt that have been ignored on bigger platforms that are, still, talking about online harassment in this election as only a “Bernie Bro” thing. Look, this article is just from yesterday:

Now that’s a male author saying a male pundit has been the target of these sexist Bernie Bros.

“ While my profile is rather low on Medium — and even a mild engagement is somewhat surprising, I am not surprised that of the few that responded to argue with what I had written, it was only men (you are the author, so that’s different). Only women recommended it. What were the ratios like for you, I wonder?”

My profile was low on Medium too, but the response from women for my post has been so overwhelming that it’s raised that profile. It’s been shared by hundreds of women on Facebook and posted by hundreds of women on Twitter. It’s also been syndicated (or copied/remixed), by female editors and authors on multiple female-centric websites including HuffPost Women and The Mary Sue.

The “Bernie Bros” narrative has essentially erased or offended the millions of women, many who support Bernie and many who don’t, and that’s why this article went viral.

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