Does President Trump have a health problem?

The thing that constantly amazes me is that we tend to pretend Donald Trump is a normal healthy human being. Consider that he most likely suffers from Malignant Narcissism. This is based on “Diagnostic Scoreboard for: Donald J. Trump” where he scored 22 out of the 26 possible traits signifying Malignant Narcissism. Instead of getting help, he unhappily wound up being president. This disorder seems to be all of his problem and get’s in the way when he tries to govern. He must continually seek positive reinforcement for his policies and blames everybody else when they don’t appreciate every tweet and executive order he signs. If he could only have as much power as Putin, he could dictate the perfect Donald J Trumps Great America. But alas he is stuck with a constitution, the courts and fellow republicans who are still rational. In Trumps words “ Sad”. He is forced to continually lie to make his crowds larger, everything about himself greater, the best, fantastic, huge, etc., etc. ,etc.. His illogical approach to everything is that he will make it the greatest because he, in his own struggling mind, has convinced himself he knows more than everybody else about everything and is therefore the greatest and why can’t everybody see this? Anybody or anything he feels threatened by, he will do his best to destroy, for his own peace of mind. With no apparent moral compass it was easy for him to dispose of all of his republican opponents with the appropriate demeaning name’s -“little Rubio”, “low energy Jeb Bush”, etc. and then “crooked Hillary” “lock her up”. During the height of his self aggrandizing ego trip, he bragged he could shoot someone out in the street and not loose a vote. This type of thinking is probably the result of his disorder and it will destroy his presidency unless he gets help. I was watching when he first discovered health care is really complicated. He seemed totally surprised. He knew Obama care was awful. He just didn’t know how it worked. This is the real dilemma that is driving all of our present confusion. Please study the man carefully and keep praying for help for him and especially help for America. Stop pretending he is acting in a rational way when he clearly is not.

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