Will Elon Musk be our savior or our destroyer?
Jedidiah Yueh

I spent my career as a design engineer. Elon musk is an extremely gifted natural design engineer. His cars are so good they embarrass the normal car companies. His rockets are superior to anything Nasa was able to build. He does so well his car company is valued at more than General motors. He has great ideas but beyond that he turns them into incredibly superior products in very short time at minimal cost. Normal people can’t begin to understand people who are as capable as he is. Another thing that separates him from all others is his determination to try to save humanity from itself. Ill give you a quick comparison, during the time Elon musk was developing all of the above another Guy was trying to develop a 3 wheeled car with high mileage to cut down on fossil fuel consumption, All he has done so far is produce a few prototypes and a weekly email saying how wonderful this car will be etc. etc. etc.. Most engineers are like this Guy. As a tax paying human living on planet earth, I wish our government would help Elon musk, a proven winner, everyway possible. He is a massive force for good, If AI gets us it won’t be Elon Musk's fault.