If we can amend our constitution, surely our christian god can give us new commandments to live by.

These three commandments need to be added to the original 10, If religion is to be help save the human species.
The 11th commandment should read: Do whatever it is that brings happiness fulfillment to you as long as it doesn’t interfere with any other living thing to do the same. (The good life for all)
The 12 commandment should read: Thou shalt not guilt, shame or seek to influence another for ones own benefit. ( eliminates churches)( actually covered by commandment 11)
The 13th commandment should be: You are comprised of the same matter as the universe nothing more and nothing less. You have the ability to expand your knowledge of me ( the universe talking) and thus yourself. Please help science to find our way. (We are the eyes and ears of the universe) 
( Quickest way to eliminate disease and obtain eternal life)
If god is listening let him add these simple commandments now.