3 Reasons I would Thrive in an OPEN Organization

Written by La’Zhala Hodges

Ideas from everywhere can’t you see it.


In an open organization no one idea is shot down doesn’t matter if the idea came from the top or if it came the bottom if it is good it can be used. In such an open organization they use everyone in the company for some type of the company. For an example the drivers are the eyes and ear of the company, they are able to bring forth there ideas in meetings and tell how they feel.


When talking about an open organization the main thing to think is that it is not a dictatorship. In an open organization the employees are free to think and say what they feel it is not always what the boss says goes. The employees are allowed to give feedback of what they think on how the company can improve. How you feel on what was mentioned instead of going out into the hallway and expressing your feelings.

Same Page

Unlike a regular company who just goes about the meeting without actually stopping and seeing if everyone understands what direction they are headed in. The open organization wants all of there employees to be eye to eye and understanding what is going on with the company. They make sure that no one is lost or confused or unsure. When it comes to people being unsure in the company after it has been explained they turn to the 20/60/20 rule. The rule is that they have basically the first 80 percent of the company who is open minded and willing to go forth with it and then the 20 who just does not want anything to do with it. That is the group that they very nicely lead out of the company.


If the three reasons did not help you enough it is a great idea to look into Red Hat a wonderful open organization. It gives you a more background on how the company runs and also how successful they are in business.

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