Moon gaze endless licking

The day didn’t go as much as you hoped, I’d bored you all along the ship it was almost pitiful. My mind had probably been on the deficiency in hugs i was suffering and wanted to squeeze you so tight. You looked sweet in braids as always, my mind wondered all around the curves your beautiful jeans created. Happy are we, studious are we, stu… wait, this isn’t an anthem i’m writing, this is a short story for the sweetest thing i’ve ever had in my life. not only is this just a story, this is about one of the best nights of my life, hopefully our lives.

The road was long, the night was dark and the lonely walks were paved with fallen leaves by the merciless shower of sunlight. Every opportunity i got, i stole a glance and it lasted long enough to inspire the un-ending bulge in my pants. Shakespeare was stiff and shaking. Was he however in luck we did not know, we were the clueless poet and his pen. After finding the first sweet spot in the curve between the daunting rays of the neighbourhood lights, we laid calm and happy beside each other in the car.

I wanted it, and so did you. You were happy when I leaned over to kiss you and gentle it was indeed. We kissed sweetly and passionately with our lips glancing against each other and tongues interlocking in harmony as though it was a lunar eclipse. Neither the gear or the hand break could stop me from breaking loose and grabbing your sweet and pointed pear shaped breasts. I must admit with all admiration that your breasts are soft and your nipples are nice to suck on. I can’t hold back when I behold them. with every rub and lick came a new level of sensation through you.

Surrounded by the silence of the bare trees and your moaning went as far as piercing in my ears and heart with the sound on the sweetest orchestra. I caressed your breasts and you moaned even louder. Gradually I approached the house of gold and realized gold definitely could be slippery. Your wetness was enchanting it ignited a new passion in me. I rubbed your clitoris and you responded with a louder moan, it wasn’t long before your jeans went down and your pants followed.

Behold, before me, so bright it was like a combination of seven suns. I couldn’t help but shed delightful tears at it’s beauty and the rosy scent it carried. I was happy to dig in deep with my tongue and embrace all of it with the passion of the saints. I licked your clitoris and you enjoyed it so much i thought the loudness of your sensation was gonna shatter the glasses that safely enclosed us. It was like discovering toys for the first time. I couldn’t stop playing with it.

We passionately enjoyed the moment and as I laid my fingers of your vagina and kissed you deeply while encouraging you to reach the heightened point of your sensation you moaned and cried out loudly with all the sweetness you could master and arrived at the crowning of the night with your gladness and a sparkle in our eyes. You didn’t say it, but I knew you love the shit out of this man