Rugged scarfs away from pleasure

I woke up around 2am to go take a pee. I stumbled suddenly. I turn on the lights and surprisingly it was someone’s leg that tripped me. Specifically a cute, beautiful lady. With my crooked walk, the scratches on my back and the eye patch I had on, something not far from role play probably went on. Now a bone of cunt-tension, contention… you know what I mean. I asked myself, who exactly is this?

I rushed to the wash room, pee’d my way half through, that’s be when I realized I was in the wrong apartment. What manner of lies could this be. Sleeping in my own bed and waking up beside, who knows who. Impulsive thought, run! Two seconds later however, my phone rings. I don’t remember setting a loud ringtone with Shatta Wale’s song, Hold it. Good phones always sound chiming though. I then saw the stretch of what seemed to be a very sexy leg, up on the bed. Hmm, this stretch revealed something that made running away a distant thought. Her ass looked familiar, I mean, too familiar. Not to say I’m an Ass-guardian or anything but muscle memory kicked in, my body remembered it. It was as big as one had held in my last relationship, I mean a couple of relationships back.

I looked on the bed and there was a pink cased iPhone 5s. Not to Ignore the phone, but when did I get this huge boner. Boners and panics, never knew they could live in harmony. Not my fault, her vagina was staring at me like the meat pie that was sold in my primary school canteen. She was wet, I’m sure she was having a wet dream. My x-ray vision could see it without touching. I wish, of course I touched it. At the mast of the bed, two rugged scarfs were found. Who was imprisoned here? Cinderella?

Face unseen yet still tempting. 4 times my phone rung while on vibration and I ignored. All I could see was images of an ass. I listed one ass, oh bouy, it was quite heavy. I know I don’t have a horse dick but this one I can go in deep. I rubbed her clitoris with my penis’ soldier’s cop. I rubbed it about three times and realized she felt the sweet sensation. I held her boobs and FYI, they definitely matched the ass. I squeezed them a bit and she gave out a small moan, then I realized, “captain is ready to board the ship”.

I turned her face down on the bed, rubbed her clitoris, rubbed it, rubbed it, mehn, did I rub it. She was as wet as Niagara falls. Her little sounds turned me on even more, if that’s even possible. I pushed my big dick into her pussy, on the cuntrary… contrary. So as I was saying, my other hand was working her nipples. They were hard and her boobs were bouncy like the mini ball we played in class 3.

I held her waist with my two hands, pushed my HD (horse dick) deep inside her. She shouted as though she was gonna cum. After fiver strokes I noticed the scarfs again. Handy, wrapped around her hands they went. Let and right. She wasn’t sure what was going on as she was confused. I had my thighs knocking her big ass while fucking her really hard. It got too sensational and I almost came inside her. I took my penis out for about six seconds, slapped her ass five times with it and then it calmed a bit.

I dipped my dick in her wet pussy again and raised her to a doggie position. She had a posture with her ass up that looked like a Mercedes Benz 207. I still wasn’t sure who the heck it was, however let’s seal the deal first. After fucking her for about 4 minutes I held her boobs and raised her back to my chest. I was hitting her g-spot so much she couldn’t stop vibrating. I increased the tempo, she also increase the volume of her moaning. It was so intense now the scarfs became headbands. I laughed for a moment, she also giggled and then she turned, “herh!!! Kwesi” she shouted. “Kai, Afia”, I responded.

Oh I didn’t tell you about this Afia chick who I wanted to sleep with about three years ago. She tossed me so much I took it out on her friend Better and fucked the heck out of her, it resulted in a dispute back then. I meet her two days ago at KFC. She invite me to her apartment.

We were still rocking up and down in the bed. I held her boobs hard and fucked her till she climaxed. I laid her down to relax, I was confused and couldn’t cum. I went into her hall and here lied Betty on the couch half naked! I watched my phone, the four missed calls were from Betty. If this was you, what would you have done?

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