Sexual plunder, did that just happen?

If you live a great part of your life admiring fast moving cars, eventually you might end up in the fast lane to a speeding ticket or perhaps, with an adrenaline rush that takes you to the brink of life itself. This here today, is a story about the former. I’ve always wanted a Lamborghini but only had the fine looks of those who rode them to go with my matt black ford mustang. It was a pretty catchy car in sound because the engines had been tuned turbo style.

The sunny afternoon before I’d been given a speeding ticket for doing a 75 on a 50, of all days I thought I was going the slowest. This cop who had decided to defend the honour of our justice system refused to listen to a word. While running late for my afternoon board meeting I decided to show to court the next day, which brings us to today. The court building was located on the east side of town, with very little traffic in that area. It was an old building, one of the very few remaining ones from the 60’s which was made from fine polished wood. I was surprised it had managed to last so long.

I entered the courtroom with the ticket in one hand and a suit’s tie rolled in the other. I was a little angered by the mistake I felt was from the side of the police man, but even more so by the fact that he refused even to listen to a single word. It was coming to 2pm and I was 30 minutes in time. Sitting at the back I observed court proceedings as this police man proudly got people fined. It was almost like I was looking at my own burial and behind that thick skull of mine, believed I that today wasn’t the day. I was too smart for to have that, perhaps a little too smart when i observed a pattern. Go figure. I could feel myself suddenly becoming calm again.

By the 45th minute I heard, “Liam, over speeding”. Standing beside the cop I gave him the least smile I probably have my entire life. The young stunning looking Judy, probably in her mid 30s looked at me from head to toe. I could only imagine her saying, “you bold arrogant silly little prick” but didn’t care either ways, or I thought I didn’t until 30 minutes after.

Me: Your honour, I’ve been falsely accused for..
 Judge: Young man you speak when I ask you to. Police, what is this man’s offence
 Police: Your honour, I caught him Over speeding. He was doing a 75 on a 50.
 Judge: Is that right young man?
 Me: Your honour, I would like to first say tha..
 Judge: Answer the question
 Me: No Your honour, It isn’t. I wasn’t going past 45. And I would like to bring to your notice that after hearing this police man’s cases for the last hour, I can boldly make the claim that he had a broken speed gun. Everyone had exactly an extra speed of 25 miles per hour. Either doing 55 on a 30 or 75 on a 50 or a 95 on a 70. Every one of them
 Judge: Is that right, police?
 Police: Your honour, I’m sure I checked the device but..
 Judge: Okay two of you, in my chambers now.

Judge Judy was smart and didn’t want to backtrack the other cases so in her chamber she asked the police man to get his device checked again. “Suck it”, I said, in my mind of course. I knew moments after that, that someone else was saying that too when She asked the police to leave and me to stay. She asked me, “ what are you doing again today?”. “I have another board meeting in an hour”, I replied. Astonished by her saying, “not anymore, you’re doing me”, I blurted out “what??”. “Do you want to go to jail?”, she said. As though she was joking and with an evil grin her gown was off in seconds. Then followed her…. everything else.

Yes I was shocked, but also, I had a bulging in my pants that felt like a hard carapace. I was a bit concerned about my meeting in the next hour, and also by the fact that there was a court full of people waiting. She didn’t seem to care though. For a man with a the bucket list item “Do a female cop on the trunk of her car in the middle of the night”, I was certainly getting the wrong side of the deal. She hurried towards me, for she didn’t have a lot of time to spare. While I was swooning idle, she took off my belt, dropped my pants and begun to suck my hard penis.

That certainly jolted me to realization that this was actually happening. Then I decided to go with the flow. I held her head and made her lick it all over like a lollipop. She sure enjoyed doing it. She kissed it, licked it, caressed it and was all over it like a thirsty jackrabbit in July. Her desk was full of stuff but I made way on top of it knocking apart some of her belongings. I’m sure those files included Rapist John’s murder case. She lay with her back on the table, legs raised high and together with a vagina looking nice and wet like meat pie from McDonald’s.

I split the lobes apart with my penis, penetrated her and she moaned hard but quiet enough. While I was going in and out with my two hands on her breasts she got a little loud with the moaning. I was a little concerned someone was gonna hear us but she urged me not to stop, and that she would be more quiet. She could hardly hold it. In the heat of the moment I lifted her to my chest, with her legs split and begun to fuck her harder. The feeling was deep and sweet. Being inside felt like I was finally driving that super sport car I always wanted. She got loud again, I set her down facing her desk, and with my blue suit tie I tied her mouth to the back and begun to make love to her from the back, dogie style.

In and out, and in and out, and in sideways squeezing my butt pretty tight that she could feel it all over her g-spot. She wanted to scream with excitement but it got more difficult with I supported the gag with my hand. I shouted from behind her, “Shut up, you Judge-mental bitch”. Didn’t seem to offend her at all, kinda turned her on even more. I tapped her ass hard and I knew she couldn’t fine me for contempt. Squeezed those boobs hard and made love to her as though it was raining in winter. She began to squeeze hard and at that point I knew she was nearing climax.

I bent over her back and whispered, “cum on, you can do it”. She seemed motivated by that and her feelings got heightened. In the minute she was “cuming” hard with my struggling hard to keep her silent while she bit me in the palms. At the same time I squeezed hard and came with her. We lay on her desk for about 3 minutes and the realized abruptly that it was time to go. Everyone dressed up and it was time to go.

She sat in her chair and she put together her sheets and knock her table with her gavel saying, “Your sentence is served, be sure to get another ticket next month”.

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