She spared nothing, the night I lost it…

It was barely windy that Friday afternoon when I turned down afternoon class to go see her. I had to leave before nightfall because the journey was close to a hundred miles, lasting about three hours and over at best. Surely, coming up with an excuse among friends wasn’t easy, especially when they’d known this boy for years. Sometimes it came down to, “what do you guys care anyways?”. Eventually I let myself loose.

Red top, her favourite colour of course, blue jeans was my outfit and riding in my old make of a subaru. Rikiti was what my best pal liked to call ‘im. For most who drive on the little streets of Accra, city navigation isn’t so interesting these days considering all the traffic even at odd ours. I managed to get out of the main city in no time. Driving along the coast line was particularly interesting as many thoughts which included romantic walks with my love came to mind. It was however not the time to be day-dreaming.

I thought the ride was going to be long since I couldn’t wait to see little miss Eva. Little however did I know the drive would be nothing compared to the night. On arrival the host was at the door in a short tank top, blocking the entrance with an ass that could serve as an anchor for the fallen Titanic, may their souls rest in perfect peace. It appears the several heartbeat skips hadn’t stopped even after we’d gone out for a while. Every now and then I would get these few seconds of panic at the sight of her. I could say much about her boobs now, but I’ll reserve them for the purpose of dramatic effect.

She gave me the usual hug and I couldn’t get enough. Now here’s where the fun should have begun, but well, can’t blame a virgin for that pride hung around my neck like Mugabe’s mustache, love it though Mr. President. Not to fast forward, but there was lots of hugs, water, supper, sitting in the chair and talking like amateurs do. In the twinkle of an eye, sitting with my back against the wall, she was kneeling before me on the bed.

“Aren’t you a little close, I could kiss you where you are”, I said in a soft voice in attempt to sound sexy. We hadn’t kissed before, after all I always made a return journey. I hurried off the bed saying it was time to go. I hurried to the door only to realize it was locked with no key. “Eva, where is the key”, I said as I turned around to the realization the tank top was but a pair of nice shaped naked boobs. Frozen in awe, my back was against the door as she approached. I tried to reach for more roam but there was none behind me, for my mouth had written a check for an amount which didn’t exist in my account.

Her boobs were bell shaped. Quite narrow at the top and pretty heavy. I could tell her nipples were hard even without touching them. It was the best, and the only I had seen for someone my age. I very much shouted for help, but only in my mind. I could tell because with each increasing scream my pants grew bigger at the front. During my hopeless attempt to cover it with one hand, she was close enough to feel it. What my friends were always calling HD (Full word I’ll give in stories to come -stay tuned) was finally crystal clear in the sights of a woman who’d been likely silently chivying herself about it for a while for she was determined to not let me leave that night, effortlessly.

All I could do was swallow my last piece of saliva as her face came really close. The TV was loud, the fan and every other thing around, but for a moment everything felt still and quiet. She then whispered in a lovely, as well as scary tone, “you’re making love to me tonight”. Her little stare and everything about it meant every bit of those words. I replied, “are you trying to corrupt me?”. “That ship’s long sailed”, she replied. I knew I was screwed, soon literally when I realized my boner wasn’t going away.

Clearly I wasn’t ready, or perhaps she was too ready and obviously not a novice at this. She leaned her body against mine, her bare boobs against my chest and gave me a kiss. It was lovely and in the moment I realized how deeply attracted I was to this crazy lady. “When that naivety breaks, the souls of many shall follow”, I used to say and this kiss washed part of that seal. I kissed her back passionately and with a skill I acquired no where but in the heat of the moment. Our tongues intertwined, her lip biting, the deep kissing all incited a great deal of feelings as she pulled me to the bed which was behind her.

I could feel the little boys down in my testicles attempting a rush out and I tried really hard to hold ’em back. We managed to keep kissing as she succeeded in taking off my shirt. She passed her hand over my chest. At that moment the weather was getting cold, but only outside for we were in a heated passionate moment . We looked at each other and smiled as we fell on the bed. The look on my face showed I still had little traces of doubts about doing this, it was my first and she very well knew that. Clearly she didn’t care about robbing me of that, or perhaps she felt she was doing me a favour.

I was beginning to love this favour as I helped her take he clothes off and threw them half way across the room. I managed to undress as well and naked with a lady wasn’t so bad after all, I thought. I was still nervous but she managed to calm me down when she took my hard dick in her hand, perhaps hands and caressed it. She put it in her mouth and licked it several times. I could feel the sweet sensation and the edge to cum several times and at every rise I knew the look she gave me meant “don’t you dare”. But of course I knew I couldn’t be selfish after all her efforts, least I could do was the same.

While I was pinned down, she let me feel her wetness with my fore and middle finger several times. By the lot, I imagined there was a two-finger rule of some sort. She let my dick slide slowly into her as she made moaning sounds. She was clearly blushing with passion. She went up and down and on and on and when it got too fast I’d pause her and make her slow down as that could cause a short lived pleasure for her. She came down to my chest and kissed me severally while still riding me and I lay my hands on her nice boobs, for they were very sweet looking and felt as such. I caressed them and the more I did, the more she moaned.

She begun to move fast it made me groan. At that moment I knew she was reaching a climax. Everything got intense and she pressed tight against my chest and rode me faster. We both made loud sounds as we climaxed. She gave out a little sigh of relief as she fell to my chest. It was all nice and very pleasant and we lay there for a while enjoying each others arms. She kissed me a few times and I was certain she was very happy. “Not too bad for a virgin”, she said.

When I heard those words I knew I’d finally lost it. Willing to go so far as to pose as a virgin to get laid, was the night I lost my pride.

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