Touch, feel, orgasm… blissful indeed

You stood unique, all I wanted was to look at you all night. Keep staring at your smile that could turn night into day. But that wouldn’t happen because you had to write your linguistics paper the next day. We chat, smiled, laughed, talked about everything. We talked about food, drinks, fruits and you seemed pretty interested in bananas. Also music, we sang a few songs and soon it was time for me to go home. i gave you a hug that we both wished would never end.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, the wind blowing steadily and cleaning the dried up leaves off the trees. I was in the shower taking a cold bath, water running over my body. The more I thought of you, the more shakespeare wanted to rise, i had to keep a clean head. I imagined your paper was going well, it started at 3:30pm and i was sure by 5pm you’d figured out how to break down shake-s-peare.

At 7:30pm I was there to pick you up, you looked stunning and your amazing smile dazed the hell out of me. You wore an all white dress which showed an amazing figure that I had never seen before. I couldn’t wait to behold what was beneath all that greatness. The ride wasn’t long, we arrived at the beach house that had the coconut trees on the shores and the wind blew in sweet scented coldness that had it’s mix from the rose scented hangings on the window.

We took a while and stood at the window with your back against my chest staring at the moon light over the surface of the sea and it gave a little glare of a sweet rainbow. It was an amazing sight, but more amazing was the softness of your body and the sweet smell of your short hair. I held you tight and i could tell you enjoyed being in my arms.

We talked about your exam and it was all too easy for you. before long we were staring in each other’s eyes. so close we could feel each other’s breath. I passed my hand through your hair and you had the look of an angel sent down from heaven to me. Nice blue eyes with a reflection that would make the queen jealous. I leaned in for a kiss and the feel of your lips lit a new light in me, i wouldn’t say this light had anything to do with shakespeare. we kissed, and we kissed. tasting each other’s lips and our tongues moving against each other. I kissed your neck and you gave out the little moan.

I held you tight in my arms, with your body against mine, facing each other. I opened the zip in the back of your dress slowly while kissing you. When the beautiful white dress came off, behold a figure so nice. one that stood tall before me. Breasts with sweet cap sizes, 32d was sweet looking. hips so beautiful i couldn’t wait to split them apart. the bed was behind us, I sat you on it, kissed you passionately some more. I laid you on the bed gently, kissing you all over your body. from your ears down your neck to your belly and your belly button. I felt your body vibrate with pleasure and excitement. i played with your belly button using my tongue. you gave out little giggles that turned me on. i kissed your thighs. they looked very nice, fresh, sweet, plain and soo damn soft. i kiss your feet and tickled it, you were turned on even more.

i unpinned your bra and took it off. i licked one nipple while caressing the other with my hand. that seemed to turn you on soo much and get you high. you enjoyed it even more when i lay my bare chest over yours with the heat of our bodies laying waste to the cold winds that blew in. I caressed and kissed your tits some more. then kissed all the way down to your belly button. at that point you knew where i was going. you wore a nice velvet pantie and i was excited to take it off as much as you were to let me.

I paused a little for excitement, it was beautiful. you had a fine pussy and a nice clitoris which i was happy to kiss over and over after splitting those nice long legs apart. you were soo wet, made me happy for you. I opened your nice pussy, exposing your clitoris. I rub it gently with my thumb and then kissed it. i licked it with my tongue and made you soo high you gave out loud moanings. with two hands over your two breasts and caressing them, i licked your clitoris and occasionally the whole of your sweet pussy. you enjoyed it soo much you would squeeze my head with your thighs whenever you were coming. when i was done with you, you had lots of orgasms and there was such a huge glow on your face.

I laid beside you and cuddled with you. we enjoyed and smiled and chat till we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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