Trails of pleasure, all night long

7 am and looking you in the face, you arrived earlier than expected. Caught me by surprise while i was half naked playing some fancy game on my computer. I know i was supposed to handle it all but you wanted to come in early to sneak a peek at all the surprises I had planned. Unfortunately there was no sweet early meal or fancy salad in the kitchen, just unwashed plates. you were kinda angry but that cute little smile of yours was always at the end of it

I always thought you looked too innocent for my liking, you know what they say, if it’s not dirty, you got nothing to wash. Anyways, I jumped into the shower really quick, you wanted to follow but I was a little to shy to allow you. I won the wrestle after having your soft behind rest easy on the equally soft couch. You were watching “One Punch Man”, hit making anime and you were almost too loud made the rushing shower water sound like a whisper. Without a doubt, men don’t have as much to clean as women do so I was done in no time. Also inspired by the maple make of tiles, a story for another day, I came out of the shower smiling.

I tried to outdo your perfectly hand made dress but I gave up trying after a while when it occurred to me, “who wants to walk with a woman half as beautiful”. I won’t admit I used that to talk myself out of trying so hard. You were too pretty. Bags were packed, little but big enough to hold what was needed. My 2006 Ford Mustang was waiting. When it wasn’t it, it helped us arrive at the isolated house in the woods that had the little droplet of water on leaves and wet wood smell in spring.

We got inside and it was a little cold. This was our first time out and I wanted to make it count. the ride was long, worth it however. You were tired so i pour you some wine, only the finest make. I lit some wood to give us some more warmth, I argued my body would be enough for you, we both found humour in that. You were watching tv, for some reason cartoon network decided to show “Courage the Cowardly

Dog” again. I took the opportunity to massage your feet.

It was almost hard to tell if some of the sounds I heard were from what you were watching or from what you were feeling. I’d like to think I was doing a pretty good job. About an hour later when I’d massaged your shoulders as well, I’m pretty sure I felt a hint of happiness, but just you wait, there’s more planned for you. A good shower after a long ride always calms you down. I decided to go first for so I can pause for dramatic effect when i see u come out of the shower. It was your turn, and you always had quite the figure. it was almost like I was looking at the best man made doll. i was stunned but i managed to sneak out a thank you God

We had two separate rooms set out but for reasons unknown, we both ended up in one. so a second thought came to mind. I decided to fix the surprise dinner in the next room. A woman in the shower, that was enough time to make the arrangement. After 45 mins, yeah I didn’t believe you could take that long. i’m sure you didn’t’ either. I came in to fetch you for the surprise and upon entering, the best sight i had ever beheld in the whole 301 years Methuselah lived. I wasn’t sure if I was on earth or I had stumbled upon another Garden of Eden. Your nightie was wine coloured with a darker tint. short but had enough closure. it did a good job of teasing me, made me feel like pouncing on you. I couldn’t see clearly through, but i could see boobs that stood as high and firm as those Lady Gaga always wished for. so i hold your hand and take you to the other room and behold. table for two with candles,

Chivalry is one of my strong suites so i pull the chair for you so you sit. I sneak a little peak at your fine sweet thighs. I pour you some wine and dish out the nice chicken mixed with beef and crab sauce i made (i let you believe i made it myself and you found it sexy and hot). it had a little rice on the side and french bread. We ate dinner talking and laughing about very interesting things. some of which included, “I’m glad I agreed to the exchange program”.

It’s after dinner and I put on some music. Under a minute we’re dancing under candle light with your head resting on my chest. i gotta admit, it wasn’t just your head i could feel. I didn’t ask for your boobs to be perky. I decided to take my chances and go for the kiss. you were expecting it. The feeling was mutual. A very long kiss, it was slow, and smooth. With our hands wrapped around each other we were enjoying the longest kiss of our lives. i starred you in the eye and opened your buttons to reveal what was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, first to what was pressing very hard against you in my pants. you were eager to see but you kept your cool.

Before long, my shirt was off and your nightie was gone with our bodies touching against each other. The warmth definitely made minuscule the cold breeze that was flowing around us. Your boobs were as firm as the HD in my pants, waiting to make glaring images after your purple pants came off. There was a bed in the room so i sat on it, you stood in front of me and it was so heated i almost run out of patience and reached for your pants but it was too early you grabbed my had. You wanted us to savour the moment.

We took it slow. Kissing and caressing each other on the bed. I reached for you pants, sure it was the right time. They went off as fast as my head went into your thighs. I did some good tongue twisting with your sensitive clitoris. you acted cool in the beginning, but gradually it became harder for you to keep the feeling bottled in. That was significant of the plenty moaning i heard with each stroke. Occasionally I’d lick your tits and return my hands to continue. You were overwhelmed and i’m pretty sure if we were counting by your squeezing my head, and the shouting, then you’d cum about twice already. You turned me over and saw the bulge in my pants, you were… i’m pretty sure that look was excitement.

You took my dick out and you licked and tasted him like he was the best chocolate you’d ever had. After a while playing around with him passionately, you rubbed him against your clitoris slowly and it was nice to feel that you were so wet beyond comprehension. You sat on and the moaning intensified again as you went up and down rigorously and fast. It was so good and so firm and the back and forth had us both moaning and holding each other tight. We did the reverse cowgirl, then the doggie, then sideways, then every other move you wanted to try out. We had the bed squealing so much it sounded like “get off me”. While hugging each other with you sitting on me, my back against the wall, tongues together, both sweating, we started climaxing together really hard.

A very loud sound came out of both of us it literally sounded like “it was good idea to do this in the woods”. who knows, maybe a few birds and deers and bears were listening. We both came and happily spooned for the next couple minutes. We lay there together and let the sweat dry up with the nice breeze and nice wet leaves smell of the woods.

We cuddled and smiled till we both fell asleep.

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