Under maple light

I’d have preferred something else but the lady of the house obviously had better taste. Two weeks in a row we wondered and pondered what the tiles should look like, thinking we could draw inspiration from loads of things.

We took long walks of the beach looking at the ocean and mostly the shades of colours parading around. I took you lingerie shopping, of course they wouldn’t let me enter the dressing room, pffff. I couldn’t see, but I could feel how sweet and lovely you looked in there it made little me tick. He’d have to wait till evening, each time you’d dress up in them and do a strip tease it was unreal. So amazing you get so horny in the process. all that juicy sweet dripping wetness. I’d place my thumbs on your nipples and kiss you passionately.

You almost couldn’t handle it when I took those nipples in my mouth and licked one while caressing the other slowly with my other hand. Little me rubbing against your clitoris, you held him tight hoping to push him in but I’m always sure to refuse. I led you on and on and then, “sorry dear another time you’ll feel his wrath”. I entered the bathroom and found the bathroom was still without tiles.

I came back in and all that strip tease had u tired and lying down. I held you tight while we both fall asleep. Awake in bed later on with my sweet lady asleep and I thought we could make it grey tiles. Coming Saturday was our Anniversary and we had already arranged for the nanny to watch Lily. she was little and she didn’t have to see how wonderful daddy was gonna make mummy feel.

Saturday came and we were ready to set off but the nanny had delayed because there was a road block due to ceremonies by country officials. 2 hours later and she arrived, i guess setting off half past 9 am wasn’t so bad. I opened the door for you, Me Lady, wearing something I don’t see you wear often, a gold coloured full dress, you looked stunning as always. 3 hours driving and chatting, laughing and having fun along the way it was lovely. We got to the beach resort safe and sound. we were a little tired so we did rested for a while.

I already had spa treatment prepared for you, of course by yours truly, myself. On the spa table in the bedroom room with the nice breeze from the beach coming in, rubbing you gently with oil, your feet gently but firmly. I got to all your toes and in between them and got all the tension out of them. I massaged your shoulders, rubbed your back and it sent a tingling feeling through your body. The oil did a lot of good as it increased the sensitivity. I blindfolded you and turned you over. I massaged you all over and all around your boobs and thighs. You had gotten wet in the process as much as i had gotten a boner.

I touched your nipples and you vibrated as though 10,000 Volts of electricity had been passed through you. I kissed your nipples and for about 7 minutes I did justice to them. Licking all round it with the tip of my tongue. the feeling was so strong you had a hard time holding it. I kissed your belly button and made my tongue slide down the middle of your waist right into your thighs.

You almost jumped up when my tongue touched your very sensitive and lovely clitoris. At that moment I had your thighs held wide, my head in-between them, slowly licking your clitoris. You felt the sensation going through you, through your thighs, also in your breast as you quickly held them with your hands, you were blindfolded and your feelings were going crazy.

I kept going, slowly, then fast, then slow, then fast again. you were moaning. I’d periodically kiss your entire sweetness of a vagina and get back to licking you again. you were high and close to cuming when I paused for a second. I didn’t mention my clothes coming off because for reasons unknown I didn’t notice them coming off. I placed your thighs against my chest with your legs around my neck. Sliding my hard penis slowly and gently into you I caressed your hard tits. I wasn’t in yet, you were so wet u were on the verge of cuming. I thrust gently and fully into you rubbing against your g-spot. i pulled out and thrust gently against your g-spot. You started to yell my name, “Ooh OB… aaaah” you held me tight on the third stroke. I could feel you climaxing, By the fifth stroke you were squirting and i held you tight, you put your legs around my waist and you gave a loud sound of satisfaction and joy.

You were soo overjoyed you couldn’t find the energy to take off the blind fold, i took them off and the fist thing you saw was the maple make of the roof. Lo and behold, you wanted to make it a memorable moment so you decided that would be the colour of the bathroom tiles. No wonder till date we both get so horny when we get in there and end up making sweet love.

I carried you onto the bed and we held each other tight. we spooned and drifted off into sleep.

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