Lessons In Service Design From The Google Masterclass

For a first time visitor at the Google Masterclass, it was for sure one to remember. Down to every detail, the organisation of the event was entirely orchestrated to give you the best experience. The following are five details that differentiated this Google event from other functions I’ve attended.

1. How It Ensured Guests Were Timely

In my mind, I had planted 9am as the starting time. When I arrived bang on and thought I was late, there was half an hour of networking before the class actually began. Had I not skimmed the invitation details, I would have noticed this wording — Time: 9am for a 9:30am start.

Telling your guests to arrive at 9am not only reduces the mental effort required by each visitor to calculate their own arrival time, but also reduces the likelihood of latecomers. This proved effective on the event with little to no latecomers that day.

2. Including the Schedule On Your Name Card

Another way Google lessens the mental burden of time was including the day’s schedule onto the back of your name card, which attached onto your lanyard. Frequent breaks for morning tea, lunch and drinks, which by the way, presented you with impeccable catering full of variety, broke down the sessions and made them seem shorter. If you had to leave early for some reason, you knew exactly what you missed.

3. One High Quality Stationary Trumps a Hundred Goodie Bags

The organisers figured that goodie bags, typically filled with brochures and cheesy merchandise, mostly end up discarded by the time guests return home. This time it was one gift worth keeping —just one Google branded Castelli notebook and pen.

4. Secondary Screens For Far-Seated Audience Members

Can’t see the slides because you’re sitting too far? No worries, just look at this screen that is conveniently placed for the last 3/4 of the audience. Not being able to see a presentation is one factor that can take away attention from your audience. The secondary screens gave you one less reason to look away.

5. Google-themed Photo Booth

Of course Google has built a brand so cool you would wanna take photos with cutouts of the logo. Can you name five other brands that could do this? And out of these five brands, how many would make you want to take photos with just their logo?

No fake moustaches or giant spectacles needed to create pure advocates for your brand. You also get free photographs to remember this moment forever.

“We all expect good customer service, but when an experience is well orchestrated, we don’t remember the service, we just remember how it made us feel.”
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