Social platforms have given us new tools and means of communication, but they haven’t lessened the need for thoughtful human facilitation.
The Perils of Being a Facebook Moderator
Sophia Smith

Unfortunately, so many of us are using social platforms without enough awareness, as to how the platforms of front-end applications REALLY OPERATE. The upper-layer interface of upper-layer components would be a better place to REALLY ignite debate about RESPONSIBILITIES of platform design and operations teams. The lower-layer components and the flow controls between LLC type-2 and the network layer would be an even more important first step. That first step should have had the social networks screaming in agony and cacophony, especially on Facebook etc. years ago.

However, too many of today’s college graduates have been beguiled by misrepresentation of critical issues of mass communication theories, and the telecommunications industry.

Progress is definitely not made by the shrugging of shoulders. It sure isn’t made my ignorant “likes” either. The internet platforms of today are only capitalizing off of those ignorant “likes” and trying to keep the majority of participants increasingly ignorant.

Start examining and researching the operational, and engineering infrastructure of integrated computer network systems as quick as humanly possible.