[Pusan, Korea] Trip to Pusan Ep 1. Eat, Eat and Eat

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Wherever you get to go, traveling is always meaningful but it is better when you are visiting your friend’s hometown. It is why my trip to Pusan is more exciting than going anywhere else!

Pusan is located in southern Korea, right by the sea :)

See the red dot on the map. Sometimes it is “Busan”, sometimes it’s “Pusan”. Dunno which is correct…

From Seoul, you can easily take KTX (expensive but 2.5 hrs) or Express bus (cheaper but 5 hrs)to get to Pusan.

When I arrived at Pusan Station with another friend G, we decided to go to the cafe where our friend S works as a part-timer.

A-Mas-Bean, One of the famous Bubble Tea Cafe in “Seo-Myeon” District
Small but cozy style
Strawberry Waffle

Amaaaazing desserts!! + bubble tea….. Perfect start!

After filling our tummies with sweet desserts, we headed to “Nampo Market”. Pusan is well connected with subways so you can reach almost anywhere.

There’s a huge temple right in the middle of the street. Temples are always free to visit but we weren't too interested… haha

If you go to Nampo Market, you can visit this observatory where you can get a good view of the area.

The sunset-

Oh my!

S told us that when she came few weeks ago, this heart key ring was in its good shape!! but now the half is gone…. so sad….

Since it was during Christmas season, all the streets were decorated with Christmas lights!

When you come to Pusan, you basically come to “eat” because there are so many different specialties in this area. In that sense, Nampo Market is a good place to start your tasty road.

Look for “Arirang Street” when you go to Nampo Market.

There are many different menus but we’ve decided to eat “Bibim-Dangmyeon”, the spicy noodle.

Easy and simple food to eat. Not so filling because it’s only a small portion. However, it’s a good thing since you’ve got many more things to taste.

If you mix the spicy seasoning with the noodles, voila, done!

Sweet and Spicy.

In Nampo Market, “Jong-Gak Jip” is a famous snack stand, which has been around for more than 40 years!

S told us that her mother used to come here with her friends when she was a high school student.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go in but it’s well-known for its taste.

Right near “Jong-Gak Jip”, there is “Choongmoo Kimbab World” where famous celebrities have come to enjoy snacks.

Pusan is originally famous for fish balls.

Nowadays, you can get fish balls anywhere but look at all the different assortments! This is why this equation completes: fish ball = Pusan.

I prefer chili fish ball stick with a little bit of spicy kick but if you don’t like spicy food, you’ve got so many others to choose from haha :D

I recommend, no, actually, it is something you MUST try in Pusan.

So give it a go!

Next course for our “tasty road” is “Si-at-ho-tteok”, the Sugar and Nuts-filled Korean Pancake.

Again, you can get “Si-at-ho-tteok” in Seoul too but it is never the same!!!

You should take notice of how the lady is focusing on her job!!! Professionalism, people!!!

The taste is just heavenly. Some say that it is too greasy but you ain’t gonna eat ten of them!! Just one won’t do you any harm…(cough cough…)

How come the night seems brighter than the day?

Our next stop is “Ja-Gal-Chi Market”. This is different from Nampo Market.

If you were in Nampo Market, you can easily walk but if you can’t find your way, best if you take subway.

If Nampo Market was full of street food stalls and snack bars, “Ja-Gal-Chi Market” is full of seafood restaurants.

Here, you see the octopus who dreams to escape….

You can taste all different types of seafood dishes! In this photo, crabs are being steamed….

But we came to “Ja-Gal-Chi Market” for different reason.

This is “Seasoned Grilled Eel”. It doesn’t seem very pleasant but once it’s cooked, it is reeeaaaallly good!

It kind of looks like snake because eel resembles snake (I think) but the texture of this dish is so good! somewhat frizzle, chewy…

This is the best part! “Pan-fried rice” calls the end of our dinner time…!

The “Tasty Road” in Pusan continues in the next episode :)