Drowse — Keep Drivers Alert

Dangerous habits like drunk driving and distracted driving get a lot of attention. And they should, as they are among the most hazardous actions you can take behind the wheel. But an often overlooked but still incredibly dangerous driving habit is the practice of drowsy driving. And even otherwise safe drivers who wouldn’t dream of speeding or driving drunk may do it, making drowsy driving a concern for every single driver on the road.

One of the most dangerous things about drowsy driving is that you may not even realize you’re doing it. Driving late at night, sleepiness can sneak up on you, or you may not even realize you’re drowsy until you’re nodding off behind the wheel.

But you don’t have to fall asleep at the wheel to experience the danger of drowsy driving. Even fatigued driving is hazardous, as it impairs your ability to drive safely. Driving drowsy slows your reaction time, impacts your ability to make decisions, and makes you less attentive to hazards on the road.

Drowsy driving is most often an unfortunate mistake. Drivers don’t realize that they’re too tired to Drowse Free Driver safely drive until it’s too late. Others may feel they have no choice but to continue driving even though they are dangerously drowsy.

Drivers out late at night may be eager to get home. Road trippers want to push through one more hour of a long trip and just get there already. New parents skating by on just a couple hours of sleep still have to drive to and from work. Stopping to rest is inconvenient and breaks will only lengthen your time on the road, making them inconvenient and unattractive. But breaks for rest on the road may be just what you need to stay alert and alive on the road. Drowse Alerts Machine comes equipped with a high performance camera that will intelligently monitor the driver’s eyes and pupils in real-time. If you’ve experienced drowsiness while behind the wheel, here are a few tips to help you stay alert while driving, keeping you and other drivers safe. For more information visit the site http://drowsefreedrivers.com/

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