We believe that by having a considered, sincere and mindful approach to design allows us to achieve excellence and a timeless sensibility that is transcendent. By collaborating with those that share this spirit and values, has allowed us to create soulful stories and design with an essence and an intention.

Textile Designer, Stephanie Bentum with natural felted Merino Wool and Kid Mohair.

Born in the Karoo on a Wool research in the Middleburg, Textile Designer Stephanie Bentum drew her earliest inspiration from her father’s thesis that focused on Merino Sheep and their quality of wool together with her mothers vast knowledge on the Arts and Craft movement.

On her journey of connecting…

Behind the scenes shot of Nina for The Intention video — Shot by Jesse Navarre Vos

There’s a notion that feels honest and visceral when thinking about our label. There seems to be a discordant pace within the world that we’re immersed in, its fast, its urgent and at times lacks the pure essence of patience.

Lukhanyo Mdingi

With a profound interest in considered and sincere design, the spirit of collaboration yields the Lukhanyo Mdingi label in creating soulful narratives.

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