A second look at the EU Referendum result would not be undemocratic. The public was lied to.

I’ve read lots recently about how the EU Referendum was a democratic decision, we’ve got to suck it up and move on, and that everyone signing the petition hoping for a second referendum are sore losers. They’re anti-democracy.

I’d argue that a second referendum would not be at all undemocratic.

I believe another referendum would tip more heavily in favour of Remain now that people truly understand the consequences of their actions. Now that people understand that no, the NHS will not be getting £350m a week. Now that people understand that no, immigration from the EU is not going to disappear. The two pillars of the Leave campaign, crumbling. Source

There isn’t even a plan of what to do next.

Confirming the result of the referendum now that the truth is more widely disseminated would be the responsible choice.

If the first referendum truly represents the will of the people, we could repeat it for infinity and get the same result.

It’s overwhelmingly not the will of the people who will have to live with the decision long term.

50.1% should not be the threshold for something that fundamentally affects so many people.

The 51.9% who voted Leave are going to be less affected by this. They’re clearly not interested in living in a globalised society.

The 48% who voted Remain, are being denied access to all the doors the EU opens. It will be more difficult to work, live and learn in Europe. These are things I’d wager Leave campaigners are clearly not interested in doing.

It’s much more damaging to a Remain voters freedom than it is to a Leave voters who didn’t intend to exercise those freedoms.

Leave voters have a distorted perspective of freedom. They think they’re getting it by being independent, but in reality, they’re building walls. Freedom requires you to build bridges.

The petition to change Referendum rules to require a 60% majority and a 75% voter turnout is a good idea. We may not be able to retroactively enforce it, but it’s a start. Join 3 million people and sign it.

Farage told us 52–48 would be unfinished business. He’s damn right.

I’ll fight until the bitter end to defend my right to be an EU Citizen.

The public was lied to. People didn’t understand the consequences of their vote. The goal posts have moved. It would be prudent to take a second look at the EU Referendum.