Lloyd Claycomb: Do You Want to Help Build a School?

Lloyd Claycomb is a proud Republican and an active philanthropist whose international business endeavors have earned him a reputation as an impetus for change throughout the world. Lloyd Claycomb has organized and supervised dozens of charitable events, fundraisers and humanitarian programs. Much of his focus is on helping children around the globe.

While serving as a board member for Maranatha International Volunteers, Lloyd Claycomb supervised the construction of dozens of churches and schools in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. He is also personally responsible for the construction of an orphanage that currently serves over 150 orphans.

If you’d like to follow Mr. Claycomb’s footsteps by helping impoverished children through donations of time, such as in efforts to build schools, tips like those below will point you in the right direction:

· Look for Local Opportunities

Check community news and contact organizations in your area to see if your time could go to helping children who live in or around your area. Though this might not sound as impactful as going to another country to build a school, taking steps to improve local education while learning about volunteer work is a great way to begin.

· Register with an International Organization

Volunteer building projects are always happy to welcome new members. Research prominent organizations and register with one that best fits your values. These organizations can help pair you with school building projects around the world, thereby adding the elements of compassion and excitement to your life.

Remember — you don’t need to start big to become a big influence in the world. Lloyd Claycomb built his multi-million-dollar company with a $5,000 business loan from his father. You too can build something great from a modest beginning.

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