The Project Manager’s Role

All construction jobs big and small have a dedicated Project Manager assigned to them. Essentially they are in charge of planning everything out from start to finish. Once everything is planned, they oversee the progress and make sure everything is completed the way it’s supposed to. They are also there to discuss progress and setbacks to the client. It’s a large undertaking, but each project manager is highly skilled, educated, and has plenty of experience to call on.


Before any job starts, a project manager is responsible for actually planning out the work. The provide estimates to the client, set the budget, create an overall timetable, and set deadlines. Project managers look at the overall strategy to complete the project and then set out to put a team together.


Project managers are responsible for hiring, firing, and managing the laborers performing the job. They make sure everyone is completing the job they are tasked to do. If not, they must take care of the situation in the appropriate manner. Essentially, there are there to make sure the work gets completed by the people they hired to do it in the first place.


Project managers are responsible for training both new and old employees. They must have a general knowledge of how each task is completed and the steps that need to be taken in order to make it happen. They are there for support and to help is any laborer is unsure of how a task is supposed to be completed.

Develop Contracts

Contracts are given to clients after the estimate has been made and a deal has been struck. A contract is then drafted and sent to the client to legally start the project. The project managers are responsible for drafting the contract and having the client sign it. Without a contract, the construction company could be open to legal action because they were not properly protected.
 Project Managers make sure the job gets done and in the most efficient ways possible. Without them, the job would never get off the ground!

Originally published at on January 28, 2017.