Genius Ways To Save Money For Travelling

If you have fernweh and think traveling is expensive, then you are right but not totally. Traveling may seem unobtainable goal if you don’t have any savings. Exploring new places isn’t free, and there are many ways to cut down your expenses and save money for travelling even if your income is in four figures (and in dollars). With a little determination, creativity and sacrifice, you can save funds to travel to your dream place. The foremost thing to save money is to book air tickets online with best travel agency. Apart from this, here are few ideas to help you save money:

1. Opt for public transport

One who has own vehicle knows how quickly a vehicle can drain bank accounts. Walk, take a public transport, bike, or invest in a car sharing program. There are many car sharing programs available that will help you to save many bucks such as $25 to $300 per month. The public transit may cost you from free to $30 a month, which is much less than you spend on your car insurance, gas and other car payments.

2. Cook at home and pack your lunch

When you want to save money for travel, instead of paying bills in restaurants, buy fresh groceries and start cooking at home. There are plenty of dishes that you can make for your dinner and bring the leftovers for lunch. It is not only cost-effective but healthy as well. Following this trick, you can save $15-$45 per week.

3. Cut down expenses on spa and salon

There are many ways to look good even by spending small. Take haircuts, dye jobs, waxes and nail care on long interval. Some beauty regimens are DIY such as painting nails, simple hair color, facial or mask at home, manicure or pedicure and more. With this, you can save $100-$500 per year.

4. Reduce water, power and gas bills

There are many ways to cut down utilities bills like, unplug appliances when not in use, turning off faucet while brushing your teeth, rather than blow-drying let your hair air-dry, et al. Keep a central air set and heat at milder temperature, for every 1° (1 degree) change in temperature the savings can be up to 5% on the monthly bill. You can save up to $10-$50 per month.

5. Save on movie watching

Movies play well on the small screen as the big one. Wait a few months and rent a movie rather than spending money in theatre. Choose Netflix or Red Box movies, which will help you to save big. You can save $10-$40 per month.

6. Take freelancing or second job

If your schedule is flexible and you have time, take some freelancing work depending on your skill set to earn extra. Sometimes there are odd jobs in apartment complex, such as dog walking, cat sitting, baby sitting, etc., which you can choose depending on your choice to earn. These jobs can pay you $30 to $100 per month.

7. Eliminate costly coffee drinks

Leaving coffee might be impossible, and coffee shops are good place to socialize, work and study as well. So rather than cutting down coffee completely from your life, choose drip coffee which will cost you $2 and you will end up saving $1095 a year.

8. Ditch cable TV

Mostly, all of us pay $150 a month for TV cable which means $1800 a year. Even, if your cable TV is of reasonable rate i.e., $99, it will end up $1188. You can choose Netflix which will barely cost you $10 per month; also there are many other ways as well to get your entertainment.

9. Cancel gym membership

Instead of paying for gym membership, choose to do exercises outdoor and utilize public things in park. You will be amazed on your burned calories and dollars you saved in bank account.

10. Choose second-hand clothing

This may sound awkward, but you read it right. New clothes are expensive and to save nearly 75%, purchase second hand-clothes. Even in second hand clothes you are going to look gorgeous.

In the nutshell, there are several other ways as well that you can follow to help save bucks and plan a trip to your dream place. Remember, saving money for travel can be challenging but no one can make you spend money until you spend on your own. Additionally, to save money on flight booking, search out online travel agencies providing cheap air tickets.