My mom had ovarian cancer. I searched for ways to be close to her even though I lived far.
Amy King

So happy for you Amy that things are working out for your mother. Ovarian cancer is one of the tricky cancers around, you never know if it is your friend or fo. I would never want to scare anyone but I lived with ovarian cancer for 10 years . My beautiful wife 53 years old lost her battle last month with the beast after 10 long years of fighting it. Although I am sad and trying to make it day to day. I look back and think what a ride it was. We knew what ovarian cancer was about for 10 years, we saw new drugs , new ideas, new parbs, new immune therapy. The evolution of Avastin came main stream. So 10 years was like a life time to us.

We never gave up always optimistic that the next new drug or therapy was just down the hall.Some one asked me about my opinion of ovarian cancer.I always thought about a quote that Nixon said before he left Washington at the end of watergate, kind of ironic to tie it to Ovarian cancer or use it in the same context . He said first you destroy your enemy then you end up destroying your self. Cancer is the enemy and after the 10 year war of destroying the enemy. unfortunately your body destroys it self. My hope and prayer for you and your family is everyday is a new day. as long as your mom is healthy and can fight the good fight she will be o.k. This disease is one who refuses to discriminate who it will try to destroy next. Always remain positive upbeat and have a love for life and family and the joys of being with each other even if it is miles away from each other. It will get you down the hall for the next great breakthrough.