15 of animation days Challenge

and what I learned from it

Deciding to take a challenge is very easy. Doing the day to day work is something completely different.

I love learning new things about Illustrator, After Effect and all the Creative Clouds products so when I decided to do this challenge, my idea was to make something fun sure, but also full of new techniques that I learned along the way and really wanted to develop. I remember that the first thing I always wanted to do once I started with Illustrator not long ago, was to make animations.

I didn’t know anything about anything and through time and countless YouTube tutorials, I finally was able to do some of the most horrible animation ever to have existed.

Far from thinking these once are much better, at least I feel confident enough to get them out there as a starting point. A starting point to a long journey of learning, experimenting, and challenges. The journey of me becoming a complete UI/UX designer.

I want to be able to look back at these first 15 animations and think: “ well I come from a long way”. I am happy to have finished and exited to continue pushing my skills and learning even more things.

The next challenges will be more focus on my main passion UI/UX designs. But animations are still very much on my mind and I will come back at it in couple of weeks, with something more fun and more complete.

See the animation challenge on my portfolio.

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