Sports Influencers

Athletes and their power of persuasion

Most of the main sports leagues already understood the long term value of producing organic content on social media. More than an opportunity to go past traditional distribution, social media offer a great opportunity for the branding of these leagues with a unique direct contact with the fans. It’s now easier then ever for fans to see recaps of the latest NBA games on YouTube and share their game experience on Instagram Story. This direct relationship as the potential to become very lucrative, last year advertiser spent approximately $910 million on March Madness commercials in 2016.

Look at how - depending on the beginning and end of seasons - the major leagues have higher or lower website visits. This statistic suggests that fans are becoming more curious and are ready to consume more content of their favourite teams and players.

Music, movies and sports have always play an important role in culture. Culture is what makes brand connect with young audiences. Over the years, sport stars started to be more and more active on social media, there are no clear rules yet, but this evolution allows brands to have a direct channel to connect the fans with the brand.

Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, allow athletes to be closer to their fans. For better or for worst, athlete are now attracting more attention then ever and will continue to grow more and more as influencers.

Instagram and Snapchat are all about video and back scene access. No one has the best overall back scene as sports people. While artists might struggle to share their creative process, athletes have a much more predictable game on game off routines which makes them perfect for these no-edit platform.

While it was normal to use athletes on television, it’s now becoming important for advertiser to reach their target in new channels where a younger audience attention is are sharing. Attention is slowly shifting form TV to web-based content and this puts sport social influencer in an unique position to reach this demographic.

It’s also important for brands to understand how to evaluate social media influencer and to know how to create great content on these platform.