Making Great Content

3 steps

In 2017, to be relevant, every company has to produce content. Content can take multiple forms : article, picture, video, audio.

Small businesses should focus on spending their time, money, and effort on creating great content. When a restaurant produces great content, it becomes easier to reach out to influencers and channel that exposure for profit. A good example is @Fringstoronto on Instagram. They well promoted their restaurant and then used Drake to promote their business.

Placing ads is not enough anymore, for social network to have an impact on sales and revenues, people have to understand what your company stands for and what you are doing differently. Every piece of content should bring more value to your audience and build the brand, the relationship with your customers.

Here are 3 steps when creating content :

1- Customer centered

Every post should have a strategy behind it, it’s important to create categories of content made of the most frequent questions your customers have.

An article about what your customers care about will bring more conversion to your offer. An Instagram post about the lifestyle your product stands for will drive more awareness and provoke more shares. Producing great content starts by understanding what is relevant to your audience.

2- Connection

Content has to stand out, share an emotion. The only way to grab attention on a crowded feed, is connect with your audience. Not all content have to build emotions, but you should deliberately decide which one does. Every message should have a define tone.

Connecting with your audience is also responding to every message and comment or at least reading all of them. This will give you the temperature of your community and it will help you decide what you will do next. It’s not always a fun process but it will allow you to build the relationship with your audience.

3- Distribution

Each network is unique and not all messages will have the same impact everywhere. Great content is platform adapted, based on the best practices. It’s possible to use the same subject and adapt the format to fit on other channels. The topics of your content should be used in different ways on different channels.

For the promotion of the first season of Mr. Robot, USA Network decided to give away 100.000$ to their audience on Twitch, the largest social gaming platform. This niche audience received the perfect target content. The content was then promoted and amplified on twitter and Facebook.

When conversion is your goal, it’s important to focus customer first, to build a connection with your audience and to have a clear set for distribution. Direct ads are good for targeting, but what drives sales is great content.