Social Media Channels

How to choose yours

There are many different channel to post content. Depending on your target audience and the tools you have in hand, it’s important to understand each channels for what they are.

In this article, I will focus on the top 3 influencers driven channels like Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram.

Every social media has an intended purpose, respecting that intention will make your content even more interesting for your audience and give each post a bigger impact.

Snapchat is still new, it’s a playful app that gives a serious advantage to designers and visual artist. YouTube build it’s identity around long form videos and Daily Vlog are on the rise. Instagram is focus on beauty and aesthetic and recently started to focus on storytelling. It’s a channel that proved it’s ability to change and show a lot of potential for businesses.

At it’s core, Snapchat is a messaging app built with cool features on three screens for the users to explore and discover while talking to each other. Snapchat stories became the main attraction for the app also allowing user to have views metrics.

What makes snapchat so special, it’s the young demographic and the total engagement. People feel less pressure and the fun interface makes it one of the less hateful channel out there. This low engagement friction allows snapchat influencers to connect on a one on one basis with user and build relationship (brand).

This personal engagement makes it possible for snapchat influencers to move a lot more crowds. I took Shonduras as an exemple of what Snapchat can do. This influencer used his drawing skills to tell stories to his audience. Since he began, he now produced about 9 stories with big brands like Disney, Samsung and Redbull. He also successfully transition to YouTube with more then 1 million followers. Users on snapchat showed again and again that they will not just follow but actually go out and meet their favourite influencers.

More than a video platform, YouTube is the second most used search engine. This description creates a lot of friction with youtube influencers and creative who sometimes feel left aside by the platform. In recent years, it has been clear that YouTube videos could and should be longer than 3 min instead, the content is moving away form the perfect to a more relatable style of filming, Vloging.

Vlog have no scenes, no actor and very basic scripts. The intention is to show your perspective of life and tell a story behind your day. What makes Vlogin so special it’s the mix of well edited video clips and music with a personal camera to face. Frequency of post is the most important factor of success on youtube, so Daily Vloger have a serious advantage on the competition

Casey Neistat is an iconic Vloger that focused on one thing, telling a story everyday. His style is unique and his opinion well respected among other YouTube influencers. It’s important for influencer on YouTube to build a cross-platform reach, to have a more solid brand. Aside from his Vlog Casey is entrpreneur with it’s own social media platform Beme, the company was recently acquired by CNN.

Instagram is one of the most innovating and evolving platform. In 2017, the platforms promised to continue innovating and this extreme flexibility makes it one of the most important platform to leverage for businesses. At it’s core, Instagram is a photo sharing app. But with time it moved into messaging and daily story telling. All these features makes Instagram a the great place for influencers.

Instagram is special because users follow their friend and business. There is no real frontier and the content varies. With the help of Facebook ads, Instagram now allows direct sales ads and the return for retailers and e-commerce is constant growth.

Infatuation began as an Instagram account and grew into an international company. They started by taking #NoFilter pictures of beautiful meal and give reviews to building a website and city guides. In the next months, Instagram will allow it’s user to directly book a place in restaurant and this single tool could drastically change the dynamic of well though influencers.

There are more channels to explore, like Twitter, Dribbble, Facebook (videos). But these are for me the most important 3 that will play a major role 2017.