Filipino Motivational Speaker Philippines is a Filipino inspirational songwriter.

In 1999, I wasn’t able to enroll in University of Sto. Tomas Conservatory of Music. I thought that was the end of my dream to be a professional musician. For lack of financial capacity, I called my dream off. To have your dream shattered into pieces for such reason was heartbreaking. It was frustrating. It was disappointing. But, it was the same heartbreak that helped me turn the dream into reality 17 years later. Thus, this album: Songs of my Heart.

In 1999, I took Electronics and Communications Engineering. It was way, way far from my desire to be a journalist. But even before I left Polytechnic University of the Philippines, I’ve already found myself writing. I wrote for The Manila Times from 2003 and ran my own weekly column from 2006 to 2008. Eventually, I hosted of my own television show at Global News Network from 2011 to 2015.

Since I started my own business in December 2005, I never thought I’d come across writing music and producing inspirational songs. But destiny had it. I’ve written 11 books already. I’ve been speaking to at least 100 seminars, selling thousands of inspirational shirts yearly. A decade in business has never been this fulfilling. I can only say, “What an amazing journey!”

But at one point, I had to ask myself if there’s anything else I can give to inspire more people who may not have the time to read my books, attend my talks or wear my shirts. It was a question that brought me back to music. In my heart I knew I still have something. I thought, maybe I can translate my inspirational words into soulful music. So I did.

But just like any endeavor I’ve been doing, my musical journey goes beyond me and my desire for fame, popularity, money. It has always been about you — the person who puts his/her earphones when they’re lonely, afraid, disappointed, pained, sorry; the person who turns on the loud speakers when he/she is happy, fulfilled, victorious; the person who turns into music when music is the only thing he/she has got to survive for just another day; the person who recreates life through songs that retell his/her history, memory, and life story.

Life has never been and will never be perfect. But a perfect music can help you deal with life’s imperfection so you can move on with gladness. In many ways, music shapes us. May my music be your perfect companion in good times and in bad. Allow me to inspire you with the songs of my heart.

To my music hero Ronaldo Raz and arranger Iean Iñigo, Pocholo Gonzales, and to my wonderful singers, I’m privileged to have your time and talent! To my parents and sisters, my wife Beth, and daughter Sky, thank you for all the love and understanding. And to you, dear God, thank you for the gift of music. May every note, every measure, every melody, every rhythm, every beat of my songs glorify and honor You.

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