I Feel Bad For SF “Techies”
Broke-Ass Stuart

Belonging to some political club is a far cry from becoming a San Franciscan. While this piece is spot on about landlords of that ilk — the bastards — it gives these new arrivals more work to do, an assignment, handed down as if it were a ticket to citizenship in the city. Is it? Didn’t think so. Find things at your own pace. Explore. Walk the city. Bike the city. Talk to your neighbors. More advice — see, it’s a trap. Be who you are, more advice. Maybe we should be hearing from you on your own experience of San Francisco instead of being told what your experience from someone who is not having your experience. What have you found that knits you closer to your newfound eccentric mini-metropolis? How can you nurture that experience into something more real? I don’t know. What do you do on the weekends? Let this article be a springboard to tell your story, rather than a prescription for what you are not doing right or should be doing.

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