My 3rd ChiPy Mentorship Blog

Hi, fellows!

This is my third ChiPy mentorship blog, and my lucky ChiPy mentee time is also approaching to the end, really a bit reluctant to leave, but hey, I know there are many many others eagerly waiting for the opportunity to join this program too, compare to the situation when I just joined the program, I have learned a lot in the program, it is time to move forward.

I really appreciate this mentorship program and the opportunity I have had, I appreciate what I learned in this program, I appreciate the contributions made by my mentor Michael Ward and every other mentors to me and to the program, and I appreciate the friendship and knowledge I have harvested from the program. I like every project we worked together, and I appreciate the great preparations made by our project organizers in order for us to learn more from the projects. There are many more to say to express my appreciation, but I prefer keeping these memories, and let them accompany me forever on my way of Pythonic and more.

I would like to say a little bit about my mentorship project here, which is something I really expected before I joined this program, and now the dream becomes true, I learned what I wanted to learn and I started the very first small step to do what I wanted to do, which is really great.

I am interested in cybersecurity. When I was in the place where I spent several years (not in the US), every time when I experienced those uncomfortable blockades and surveillance and when I knew my internet activity was being peeped and my information could be stolen, but I did not know what could I do to prevent these things from happening and to protect yourself, my interest become stronger. I wish I at least had the ability to protect myself, and the others too if they had the same feeling for those blocks and supervision as I had.

I understand database, but I need different tool to do cyber security work as I wanted. I learned that Python is a great language used in netsec work, but I knew nothing about it. To learn it completely by myself is not impossible but I knew it is difficult, because if no one is there to push me and expect me for a result, I could possibly have many reasons to delay the study. I want to get this pushing power to enforce me to learn what I want to learn, but I am not a student anymore, where can I get this pushing strength for myself? I walked around between the different meepup groups, and I found ChiPy! In short, that is how and why I am now able to do a little bit of the things I have being interested in for a long time. I didn’t waste the past a few months, that is really great!

My project is to make a port scanner, which is actually only a small and simple work in the broad netsec field, but it’s a start of my dreamed interest. Based on this very start, I hope I will be able to do more in this direction, and I surely will remember forever how I gained this ability.

As an end to my third blog homework of my ChiPy mentorship program, I just want to say, I love this program, and I know every mentee feels the same as I do. Thank you, the great ChiPy mentorship program, and thank you Michael, thank you every mentor and all organizers, for the time and energy you contributed to help us! Wish this program grows more and more robust, and blooms everywhere.

Will remember and keep in touch with you forever, great ChiPy mentorship program!

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