I have a tendency to live in the future but I get it right more often than I get it wrong and on this front, I see containers as a transitional technology. The AWS Fargate offerings (ECS vs EKS) are the next step forward and you don't really need to know anything about Kubernetes to get load balancing, auto-scaling, etc. I believe that functions as a service combined with message bus architectures and storage as a service will win out in the end. I don't care what the OS base image is for my Lambda apps so it eliminates that maintenance among many others I still have to deal with using containers. It's possible today to build highly scalable apps completely in something like Lambda today.

A framework for choosing the right metrics

What are “lamp post metrics”?

If you lose your keys between the restaurant and the car on a dark night, when you go back to look for them, where are you going to look? Of course, you are going to first look where there is light — under the lamp posts. When you pick a metric because it’s easy to gather, that’s called a lamp post metric.

Why are they bad?

Let’s look at an example.

A few years ago, someone noticed that when Carmelo “Melo” Anthony or Monta Ellis were out sick or injured, their teams had a better chance of…

The bad guys don’t break in through the highly secure bank vault door; they attack the crumbly bricks and mortar of the vault walls. The same is true for application security. The vast majority of incidents don’t target security features like encryption, authentication, and authorization… the bank vault door. Rather, they target vulnerabilities in the “boring”, non-security parts of the code… the crumbly bricks and mortar of the vault walls.

Larry Maccherone

Every decision is a forecast. You are forecasting that the alternative you chose will have better outcomes.

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