Is the NFL in a death spiral?
julian rogers

Like the article, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I used to be an obsessive Man Utd fan, but over the last few years have grown weary of the manufactured spectacle, and god worship of players and managers who are frankly idiots, and cannot perform consistently despite earning millions!

I watch NFL too, my cousins grew up in NY and are Giants fans. I also enjoy the technical element of any sport, as well as the psychological. However watching this season it seems poor.

There are two issues with major sports for me:

1) there is a huge disconnect between people involved in the game, inside the bubble, and the normal working and middle class people outside it. Those in the game obviously have a vested interest in maintaining their earning position, even if it’s rinsing the communities they grew up in.

2) the true origin of sport is gladiator games, local warriors representing your honour, put on free for your entertainment to placate you following tax rises. The people running the sports today have lost this connection, going after upper middle class wealth and businesses.

Ultimately what is developing is somewhat representative of societal changes in the west in general. The lower to middle classes are becoming so disenfranchised with the system that they are abandoning the institutions that obviously no longer represent them, or that they can’t identify with, or stomach funding.

The question is what will fill the vacuum? Here in the U.K. there are hundreds of lower league football teams you can watch for much less, and watch players showing true commitment and honest endeavour. That doesn’t currently exist in the US which I’ve always found strange.