RBC uOttawa CO-OP Entrepreneurship Blog Post #1: An Incredible Opportunity

Welcome to the first of three blog posts I will be putting together during the Fall CO-OP work term. Over the course of the term, I have the incredible opportunity of participating in the RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program offered by the University of Ottawa. For those unfamiliar with the Program, this post will go over the details, benefits and my experience to date.

I figured I’d kick-off the series with a brief introduction about myself, the program, and the business I will be working on during the term.

To begin, my name is Logan MacPherson, a 4th year student at the Telfer School of Management studying toward a Commerce degree specialized in Management and Entrepreneurship. I’m also an active member of the CO-OP program offered by the University, currently participating in my 3rd placement of the four required to graduate with the certificate.

In my opinion, the CO-OP program is all about immersing yourself in a role for 4-months to learn as much as possible about the business itself and the skills required to succeed in that position. With that in mind, I developed an overarching strategy that I thought would best contribute to both my professional and personal development. The goal of this strategy was to create a simple framework that would provide direction and enable me to get the most out of my experiences.

The strategy started with focusing on where I wanted to go and what I want to do with my life — one might refer to this as a “career path”. Personally, I’ve aspired to be an entrepreneur from an early age and while owning a business sounds great in theory, I also realized that I lacked the skills and knowledge to actually execute. To learn the necessary skills to succeed, I structured my CO-OP sequence to incorporate work experiences in companies involved at the multinational, national and start-up level — cultivating a diverse range of experiences along the way.

Up to this point, I’ve completed two of three on that list. My first CO-OP placement was at the national retailer, Giant Tiger, working as a Strategic Planning and Market Research Associate. And the second, I was an Integrated Marketing Assistant at the multinational telecommunications company, Nokia. Through both of these placements, I stuck to my philosophy of going in with an open mind, learning transferable business skills and gaining experiences that I can leverage for my own business down the road. This brings me to my 3rd and current CO-OP placement where I’m participating in the RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program.

The RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program is a unique opportunity offered by the University to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. If accepted, the student can choose from three types of ventures including an entrepreneurial apprenticeship, placement in a small start-up or they can start their own business. While all three options are great for getting a student’s feet wet with entrepreneurship, I chose the latter. Prior to applying to the program, I was already operating my business, Point3D Commercial Imaging, for-8 months, albeit on a part-time basis.

Point3D is an immersive media company that captures reality in 3D to create rich digital experiences. These experiences are immersive, interactive and accurate to 1% of reality. Our services enable realtors to win more listings; businesses to market their brand more effectively; and developers to accelerate renovation and construction projects while reducing costs. We work in industries from Real Estate to Education, Retail & Leisure creating immersive visual experiences of interior and exterior spaces.

During the first 8-months of operations, my business partner and I worked on the business whenever we had free time, usually consisting of evenings and weekends. While revenues were growing month-over-month, we felt we could grow faster. The only factor holding us back was time.

That’s where I believe the RBC CO-OP Program holds its greatest advantage. The Program enables students to work full-time on their business for four months, testing their entrepreneurial skills and get paid while doing it. What could be better than that for a young entrepreneur?

I officially started the program in September 2018 and the experience has been invaluable thus far. The ability to organize and complete business tasks on a full-time basis is a luxury that was not afforded during the initial 8-months of operations. The extra time has enabled our business to grow two-fold since starting the program two months ago and there are no signs of slowing down. I couldn’t be more thankful for opportunity and I’m looking forward to what the next two months hold.

For those students interested in entrepreneurship and studying at the University of Ottawa, I would highly recommend they check out the RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program.

Thank you for reading and be on the look out for post two of three coming soon where I go over my experience with sales.

For more information about Point3D, please visit our website.