By Lucas Maggos

As he ran away objects whizzed by his head and he feared for his life again. The explosion was so large that that it had swept him off his feet. A mixture of sand, bullets, and scraps of metal collided into him. He was hit by a large piece of metal on his head, and was knocked out cold. The next morning he regain conscious and woke up staring into a bright white light. Matthew was laying on a bed with tubes pumping fluids into his body. He immediately felt the pain when he stared at his legs. He lost his legs. The explosion blew them off, and his life will be changed for ever. Matthew broke out in tears over the realization that he would never be able to walk again. A million thoughts and questions hit him all at once like stampede of Bison. He started to freak out. He started yelling until the doctors had to strap him down and put him to sleep. His response to the loss of his legs internally destroyed a part of him. He would never be able to run around the block, go swimming with his daughter, or even drive his 1970 pinstripe blue Chevy Impalia. That one moment that he dramatically lived through changed his life forever. Matthew was very brave, but could not bare the pain of not being able to fight for his country anymore. He was honorably discharged and received a medal. That metal didn’t prove his efforts though. He was a fearless soldier in Afghanistan fighting for his country. He put others lives in front of his. He planted a bomb against the enemy so his fellow soldiers could escape safely, but Matthew unfortunately took a hit from the explosion while running away.

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