Family Ties

“For what in your life do you feel most greatful?”

“umm maybe just to have like a full family with a dad and a mom because most people don’t have that.”

After interviewing Caitlin, I learned that she values family over everything. This particular response stood out to me because it showed that she valued just having parents. This striked me as important because she was greatful for something as simple as having parents who are together. I learned that Caitlin valued a strong family background above anything else.

I also Asked Caitlin, “How close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people’s?”

“ummm yeah we’re pretty close. Yeah I never really had any problems.

“How do you feel about the relationship with your mother?”

“We have a good relationship. I dont know, we just disagree on some issues, so that can get in the way of some things.”

I learned that Caitlin not only values family, but she has close relationships with her family members. She is very close to her mom even though they sometimes share different opinions. Caitlin clearly values good family ties.