Fragrances Buy Females

Advertisements for male fragrances seem to repeat the same message: if men use the product, they automatically attract beautiful women. Fragrance companies give their male customers false hope for attracting all the girls if they buy their product. This type of advertisement is clearly used by AXE to promote their body wash. Not only does the ad make the soap look good, but the advertisement sends the message of need for sex to effectively persuade young men to buy their product.

This AXE ad straightforwardly sends the message of need for sex by displaying a half naked male with two females touching his body. This ad does not even try to disguise the message they are sending because the ad says, “Get the Girls”. The creators of the advertisement know that most young men are trying eagerly to get girls. This ad screams the idea of using AXE body wash will get you two beautiful girls the second you get out of the shower. Young men often have this repressed desire of sex. Learning from Psychologist, Sigmund Freud, AXE uses their product to uncover the repressed desire of sex.

This ad specifically targets straight teenage boys or young men. AXE’s advertisers are completely targeting this strong scented body wash to teenage boys who probably never use body wash. However, this ad will motivate young men to buy this product, so they can get hot girls. As a young man, I know that this ad is effective because every guy wants a shortcut to get girls.

Ultimately, although this ad is super effective, it gives completely unrealistic hopes to young men. Under no circumstances will a body wash attract beautiful women to your bathroom after you take a shower. I think that these ads are great at selling a product, but they are sending an awful message. It is important to know that this axe ad, and many others sends a message that using a hygiene product will get them any female. These ads are teaching teenage boys that all it takes is soap to get a girl. Rather than encouraging being a gentleman and a kind person, these ads are making young men think that buying soap will allow them to conquer all of their romantic desires. These ad agencies are sending a negative message to young men that encourage misogyny.