Stress Mountain

High standards for nothing less than excellence is what creates stress. Excessive amounts of expectations and dreams are what built up an over inflated balloon in my chest ready to burst at any given moment. This balloon had so much air pressure that it would burst if the goals were not achieved, but would quickly deflate when I accomplished something. My skin was crawling with worries and anxiety over the next week to come. I would spend the next week in the most stressful room of all time. The chair I sat in faced an overwhelming mountain of sorts. This mountain consisted of enormous textbooks filled with overwhelming facts and long readings, study guides, thick college ruled notebooks, my laptop, and hundreds of unorganized papers. The tools made available to me were meant to be used all night in order to reduce the size of this mountain. These tools included the mighty calculator to take down vigorous math problems, my I pad, and a pencil to write everything down. I was surrounded by large walls to ensure that I do not escape. The only source of light I obtained was an old chandelier. However, there was no sound. The room was always silent without disturbance, but the thoughts in my head were louder than a bomb. Now that I revisited this place I can see that the Mountain has started to grow again, even though it disappeared for nine months. I can see my leather chair, smell the cookies baking in the kitchen next door, and hear nothing. As I return to this place, all the memories hit me all at once like a stampede. I can not forget the stress that was built in this place.

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