tHi$ ISn’T USeR-CeNTeReD Des!Gn — Why UX matters.

The title of this article is the equivalent of a crappy, cheap website. I mean, yes, you can read it, you will understand it, but it’s ugly to see. It seems complicated, there’s no logic, it’s not inviting and it most certainly does not look professional. This isn’t user-centered design.

First of all, this is not another guide or a simple step-by-step list that aims towards perfecting user-experience. This is a shout out to “User Experience Creators/Designers” or whatever fancy titles people have nowadays.

Like 99% of internet users I’m mostly a lurker, someone who doesn’t actually contribute or create content, but mostly consume it. But even though I’m a passive internet consumer I like to have an active approach on things, hence this attempt of an article. I’m not a UX expert either but I have over 15 years of experience “surfing” the web (funny right?)

So, here are a few thoughts and ideas about why I think UX matters:

  • Super short attention spans — A study by Microsoft states that now even goldfish have longer periods of concentration than humans. Although this is a rather extreme statement, it is true that we have a decreasing amount of coherent thought, so why make things complicated and not just cut to the chase with functional design?
  • Function, therefore, form? — Why is there a general conception that form should follow function? I think this is an expired way of thinking; the creative process should be deeply intertwined and parallel to the functional aspect of developing a website. In this densely competitive world having a working website is not enough, it has to be aesthetic, period.
  • Complexity kills — Less is more is quite the cliché, but why are clichés so popular? Because they have a ring of truth. Achieving that sweet spot of having all the information you want on your website and using the least text possible is quite difficult, but you should always aim to that. Always.
  • People aren’t dumb — Bad UX is. Have you ever tried syncing your phone to your car over Bluetooth? Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I find it to be somewhat challenging, especially for people over 25 years of age (which is the majority of people who have cars with these features). Great solutions like CarPlay are game changers, because they think about the real end user.
  • If not you, then who? If not now, then when? — If your website is an important channel in your business then you should treat it as a another product in your catalog, you should invest in it and you should do it now. Would you leave a bad product lingering and waiting for it to improve itself? I don’t think so.

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