The Waves Will Always Go

The ship was giant, and the clouds were crying out loud as the white mens were taking us to the hull. I sensed a smell so strong and so bad that I almost fainted. When I got to the hull it was so slippery that one of us even fell down. Now, by this time everyone was on the hull, water was falling down my head I was suffocating. My clothes were getting wet from the water that was dripping down from the deck. Up the deck we could hear our people screaming, and crying, they were scared. Someone was getting beat up, then I heard someone talking, it was a woman but who? I opened my eyes wide and scream, It was my wife Desta, she was begging for forgiveness.

Slave ship

I remembered a couple month before me and my wife Desta were kidnapped we danced, ate and had fun. We were so happy, our lives were perfect me and her we were like bestfriends. She was always happy she loved to eat corn and dance until she got tired. Her eyes were green she always had braids in her hair and weared long dresses with flowers. I can’t see her anymore because i’m trapped here like a dog.

Chain up and badly hurt

I was moving around to get my chains out until I did, my wrist were badly hurt. All of my people started begging for help, it was so loud I had to tell them to be quite. I was looking around for something to get my people out of those chains. Out of nowhere I found the key, the key of freedom, I was so happy. I started to unchain my people out of those chains that made them miserable. Now as a nation we were ready to fight the white men’s and be free again. We grabbed everything we could, chains, buckets, and ropes.

“Ayomide we can not win this battle, they have weapons and we don’t” an old African men with a sad face inquire me. 
Everyone heard the old men with a sad face, and they were starting to freak out.
 “Let me tell you something” I said with a hopeful voice and everyone was coming closer to me. 
 “ Do you guys want to be slaves and get turned apart from your family” everyone start looking at me and at each other. 
 “ No” everyone said with a silent voice.
Englands vs The Africans

We open the door and start fighting the white men, with a long heavy chain I suffocate a men and broke his neck. The white men name was Eli like the name of the ship. The white mens were firing their guns and trying to kill us. Our woman saw us and they started to scream and cry they were shaking the bars to get out of it. All the woman shake the bars so hard that they made the bars fall down. I ran to hug my wife Desta while the my people were fighting the white people. I hug my wife so tightly she was losing her breath. I kiss her in her lips, since it felt forever since I kiss her. We were both crying of happiness that we even forgot we were still in the ship.

“I love you Ayomide” my wife Desta said with a beautiful smile. 
 “ I love you too my dear Desta” I reply with a big smile.

I came back to the real world and I saw that people crying and dying. We were losing the fight against the white people. My wife Desta saw a little boy about to get shot she ran to him and cover him with her body. A bullet when through my wife Desta back, blood was dripping. From that moment I stand freeze and everything was going in a slow motion my wife was shot, my people was getting beat up and killed, and we were losing the fight.

The memories flash before my eyes
Captain Seble came out of nowhere and shot my wife Desta in the heart, my life flash through my eyes. Every moment I spend with my wife I remembered. From that moment I die inside myself, I cry. I felt blood dripping down me I was falling slowly to the ground, I was stab in the back. I fell down in the ground and close my eyes slowly as I was looking at my dead wife Desta. 
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