A Tribute to Female Comedians

We are more than a pretty face…

These last few weeks I have been so inspired by the beautiful, strong and FUNNY women in this world. Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Ellen Degenerous…just to name a few.

It is so refreshing for me for to see these women receive recognition…not because of the way they look…but for what they have to say. More often than should ever be allowed, we base a women’s worth on her outward appearance.

I want to be surrounded by women who are intelligent, kind, and HILARIOUS. To be able to make someone laugh is one of god’s greatest gifts. Nothing makes me feel like this world isn’t so bad other like true, deep, uncontrollable laughter. When something is just too funny to let anything else matter at that moment that is special. That is worthwhile.

If you haven’t seen Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s new movie Sisters, you are missing out my friends. There were numerous times while watching that I had tears of pure joy running down my cheeks. The story so spot on to real life, so relatable and authentic, it instantly brought a smile to my face and heart. These women are not supermodels, actually most of the time no one really talks about the way they look. They bring so much more to our world than any Kardashian ever could. These are the women we should be looking up to.

The same goes for Melissa McCarthy (who just won this years MTV Movie Award for Comedic Genius) in her new movie The Boss. Her character comes with so much brass and egotism, nothing like we have ever seen in a female character before. It was so refreshing to see that prospective coming from a women and not even considering to apologizing for any of it. Melissa has always been an advocate for positive body image. Reminding women everywhere that your size does not define you or give you worth. I want to thank her for that reminder.

These are the women I look up to. These are the women that I want to be like — witty, unapologetic, genuine, and hilarious. Thank you for reminding me that the way we look does not determine our value. It is about the way we feel about ourselves that really matters.

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