Not Everyone Gets a Trophy in the Real World

The Entitlement Generation

There are many positive things that Generation Z (born between 1994 and 2004) brings to our population. They are tech savvy, multitaskers, who are constantly moving and adapting…but one thing they cannot seem to understand is that you don’t, and won’t, always get what you want.

Never have I experienced adolescents who feel so absolutely entitled to absolutely everything in their paths. Even if no conscious effort has been put forth, they showed up so they think they deserve to win. Not the case my young friends, not the case.

For example, part of my day job is to select a group of student leaders to work within our office. The competition was extremely tough this year and all candidates who tried out were qualified but unfortunately I had limited spots available. After the selection was made, I received a record setting number of sob stories from students about how they felt they should have been chosen. Don’t even get me started on the parent phone calls I took. I mean seriously? *REALITY CHECK* it wasn’t your decision and maybe you weren’t what we were looking for…and furthermore, GET OVER IT. Move forward, find other opportunities you can pursue, this is not the end of your journey.

One of the more important lessons to learn in life is that not everyone wins and you don’t always leave with a trophy. Reality is that you wont always get what you want and everything wont always be easy. Its about picking yourself back up after a loss and finding the silver lining in every situation. Try again. Learn something from defeat. Don’t dwell on it. Move on. True winners are those who have failed time and time again but and kept on going anyway.

I still feel hopeful for this generation; this lesson will just be one of the hardest to learn.

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