[Op-Ed]Lrule5’s Opinions wk. 5

Sorry for being a few days late on this, but I am glad I waited. Troyville is really coming along, with the monorail stop and Dirtball’s Grub and Go. I know I shouldn’t talk about me, and that’s not hard. Cibola is really dangerous right now, with talks of invading Falconbourne, and a supposed city of Gold under construction. Their past of duplication makes this city extra dangerous, because that much gold can’t be allowed to be duplicated especially with Notch apples and all. Westfield is becoming stronger with two new people, and the monorail in Ydresland is going to be great. I really feel that Falconbourne won’t last must longer since they are the only country that hasn’t made advancements in a long time. Any way, COME BACK NEXT WEEK FOR MORE!!!

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