Bad Moon Rising
Laurie Penny

Terrific piece, as always. Thank you.

The crux is “A set of testicles is rarely a divisive quality in a candidate.” I think much of the barrage of criticism Hillary Clinton has lived under for the past 25 years is too tainted by sexism to separate out anything else.

I am surprised to find myself actually excited about the prospect of a Hillary presidency. I think she’s incredibly competent. I’m sure I won’t agree with her on everything. Given the choice between two screaming white dudes (one left, one bozo rightwing), I’ll take the woman with the nerves of steel.

You are right that the American left is tired of lesser-evildom (the right probably is too but they appear to think the solution is to double down on evil). I don’t believe in purity or waiting for the perfect candidate. I did once and that got us eight years of George Bush and two horrible wars that are still shredding the world and an economic crisis. I want the candidate who will expand the social safety net and address climate change and find money to fix infrastructure.

Whatever Hillary’s faults, the difference between her presidency and a Republican victory would be, as a our fascist real estate developer friend might say, HUGE. I believe this even though I know the Republicans will fight harder to obstruct any progress in the US under her leadership than they did for the last eight years (though that seems impossible). They are like spoiled children who break all the toys unless they get to have their way. Scary spoiled children, the kind who go into Daddy’s den and come back holding a loaded gun in their tiny hands.

Republicans know exactly what will happen if they win the presidency this year. They are fleeing the sinking ship that was their party as fast as they can run so they can say “Not my fault” and avoid standing trial at the Nuremberg-style hearings that are sure to follow the war crime that would be a Donald Trump presidency.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.

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