It’s clear neither you nor Signmeup has any real experience with the transgender community.
Gwen Saoirse

Thank you for your heartfelt response.

I truly empathize with trans/women’s struggles. Especially after reading your response.

To clarify, my comment comes on the heals of the badgering and confrontational tone, the aggressive insistance, at labeling women as CIS.

My comment is also in reaction to what is a growing trend in the trans/women communities to strip women of their biological realities and specificities by redefine what sex/gender and femaleness are. There’s a trend to dismiss some biological facts by replacing them with mind boggling arguments.

I don’t know if the trans/women communities are aware how alienating their insistance at calling women CIS is, and how offensive referring to women as such is. We are not a subgroup.

If a trans/woman presents or introduces herself as a woman, it should be honoured and respected.

Whether she wants to, or has or to disclose that she is trans should depend on the circumstances.

Yes you SHOULD have full rights and recognition to exist under the law. That you are entitled to live your lives as you wish, and still feel safe to be yourselves, and be free to be anywhere and everywhere without fear.

By the same token, the notion of respect goes both ways. I can only hope that the trans/women communities will one day understand that and stop labeling women as CIS, as well as respect the specific biological realities attached to being born female in a female body.

I hope this clarifies why I wrote what I wrote. And I thank you for giving me the opportunity to not only clarify myself, but also to learn more about your community. Your response was was not in vain. And I hope that you will understand a bit better where I’m coming from.

We may still not agree, but we can at least respect each other’s point of view.

I wish you well.