Dear White People, It’s Not About Us
Shannon Ashley

We sometimes seem to forget that racism is about race and that it’s a problem that reaches beyond Blacks and Whites.

One that includes Japanese Asians against Chinese Asians, Muslim Arabs against Christian Arabs, English-Canadians against French-Canadians. Quite often these forms of discriminations are deeply rooted and just as insidious.

While Canada was debating legalizing gay marriages, the strongest oppositions often came from various ethnic communities. Though these communities may have been at times racially targeted and discriminated against, they had no issues discriminating against the lgbt communities.

In other words, depending on where you are, and who you are, you are likely to be discriminated against at one point or another.

I know I’m not bringing any eureka moments, nor is my contribution very enlightening, but it’s a footnote that says racism, or rather discrimination, is so much broader and far reaching than what we think sometimes.