A Letter To The Man Who Assaulted Me Last Night
Danielle Sheahan

Read your letter on the German Krautreporter site, thank you for sharing your experience!

It is a terrible, although unfortunately not a rare experience. I could have been the second guy… I tried to help a woman in a similar situation a few years ago. She had fear in her eyes, although I’m not really good in spreading fear with my appearance ;-) I said to her, that stay a few meter away but I didn’t want to let her alone. I always thought, how I could have reacted better… but there is probably no correct answer to that.

I really hope, you recover from the terror as good as you wrote in the letter. You seem a heartwarming person, not full of the overwhelming hate, which I would expect to see. Good stuff there!

Nevertheless, the first comment I read here on Medium is from a guy attacking you and your story while defending the perpetrator. He is completely ignoring the fact, that incidents like you depict _do_ happen. It neither helps to deny it nor to insinuate that it didn’t happen to you. Because even if it didn’t happen to you (which would be good for you) it does happen to somebody. Raising awareness for this topic is important, especially if done so respectfully like you did in this letter.

I wish you all the best and really hope, that you not only recover but eventually gain strength out of this. Like a broken bone, which regrows thicker…