BamBam Bakehouse. A Bakery.

BamBam Bakehouse is a relatively new sister restaurant to the original one and only Paddock Bakery; which is pretty good. So lets see if they can weave the same magic twice.

Opened up with some coffee. They use the same roaster as my daily coffee shop (mentioned here), and even the same house blend, and I wasn’t looking to compare the two, so I went straight for the special, which was just a single origin Rwandan from their same roaster. The coffee was pretty nice, I’m fairly certain I’d had this single before and it was up to standard. So no complaints there, however it would have been cooler to see them have a single O which came from a different roaster like their menu touted.

Onto the eats. The menu was pretty formidable, with lots of great looking choices. In the end I went with a Chicken Chipotle Club. Not exactly breakfast food, but thats never stopped me (see, eating breakfast for dinner as often as its reasonable). This sandwich was damn good. They were using a sourdough from the previously mentioned Paddock Bakery, and combined with a delicate enough sauce, crispy bacon and some delicately posted poached chicken, I was pretty happy with the product.

Its all in the layers

The person I was eating with got the violet avocado. Which appeared to be a slightly alternative take on an avocado smash. It looked somewhat interesting, bringing flavours like sesame and beetroot to the ubiquitous avocado and eggs on toast. It looked pretty good on the plate too. I’ll have to apologise for the poor photograph on that front though. I wasn’t focusing, and thus its not in focus!

I’m so very ashamed of the level of focus

I grabbed a pastry to go. Which was ravenously consumed a few hours later. This was a blackcurrant cheesecake danish, which was very very good. Personally I love a cherry danish, and I think the only way they could have improved this was to have used cherries instead of blackcurrants. Pastry was crisp and buttery, and the filling was a good balance of sweet, tart, and creamy. I was thoroughly impressed.

A special mention

I’m writing this up at one of the friendliest coffeeshops I know of on the Gold Coast, Mr Browns Tuckshop and I’m giving a mention of note to the Brazilian single origin they’ve got on today. I had a Brazilian single origin a few months ago which I really wasn’t impressed by. But this one! It had an awesome flavour, not a fruity light blend, but instead a bold tart body, which was really quite intriguing.

Colours. Flavours too!
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