Da Burger

Nigel Thornberry + Aqua man + Burgers?

Does anyone recall what a burger was like 10 years ago? Not a pub burger, not a fast food franchise cheese burger. No, I’m talking about the magical burger with the lot you’d get from your local fish and chip / take out place. Everyone had one, and everyones was the best. The formula was simple, beetroot + pineapple + an egg and you’re away. No brioche, no truffle sauce, no side of mac’n’cheese. While Da Burger wasn’t exactly what I’ve just described, it brought the two divergent worlds, of your traditional take out burger and the modern burgers we’ve all become so passionate about.

Theres no set formula for a burger, heck even the bun is optional these days, and everyone has their own preference. I find its not a matter of ‘I like my burgers with XYZ’, but more a case of ‘does this combination work’.

You’ll see that I may have failed to capture a ‘before’ shot, and only caught the aftermath.

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t apply a great amount of scrutiny when ordering. I’d just ran 5k and was feeling a tad peckish. Non the less, I was pretty impressed with what I got. An honest white bun, not the highly airy kind that has been becoming common, and no brioche in sight here. A simple and thin patty, I wholly embrace the thin patty. Couple of pickles, some tomato relish, mayo and the usual tomato and lettuce. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but the result was something more like the take away burgers of yesteryear which frankly, the way they’d executed this was a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the options we’re getting these days. My only criticism, ditch the mayo and give me some mustard instead. I may be met with resistance here, but yellow mustard is something which we need to embrace as a whole. The menu was pretty extensive, with actually several pages of burgers, it was cool to see quite a few different lamb options present, as well as an interesting note that there wasn’t any pulled pork in sight.

Burgers were a recurring theme….

Other stand out features of this place, was the extensive artwork on the walls, and connect 4. Which apparently I’m quite good at (undefeated at tonights sitting).

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