To solve problems for a particular segment of users, designers create tailored experiences. Without a tailored experience, that segment has to use tools designed for the masses, which means only a fraction of their problems get solved — often in largely superficial ways.

It’s like this: you’ve cut a piece of pie, and now you need to get it on your plate. You could use a regular spatula instead of a pie spatula, but it’d be unnecessarily difficult and messy.

Tailoring for education

At Remind, we design tailored experiences for communication in education.

Traditionally, communication involved crumpled syllabi at the bottom of backpacks…

My learnings from the advice of design leaders, that all started over dim sum

As designers, we take time crafting the experiences of our users. We spend countless hours designing them to be both seamlessly usable and visually beautiful. We drive forward, creating these great experiences, equipped with design patterns, principles, rules, and guidelines. With a move into a leadership role, my craft has shifted. I returned to the questions that had assisted me as a designer: Where can I find the guidelines? Where can I find the best practices? Where are the rules?

What I was really looking to answer was: How do I design my team?

A month ago I was fortunate…

Designing for a native Android apps is great; even rewarding at times. That is until you have to take your beautiful app, that your team and you have spent countless hours perfecting, and…export assets [cue dramatic music].

Exporting production assets for Android apps is probably the most monotonous thing a mobile designer has to do. Over the years I’ve looked for better and faster ways to perfect this workflow. Still, it seems that every designer has the same problem I have: There isn’t a perfect workflow. There are only marginally better ones.

With that being said, this is my marginally…

Lindsay Mindler

Head of Core Design at Pinterest. Amateur crafter. Momma bear.

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