Liberty Market Investment celebrating its first anniversary

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To celebrate our first anniversary, we have prepared a new tournament with generous prizes for our trading community

In the tournament, you will be trading the $ 30,000 Practice Session account for two weeks May 13–24. There will be no profit target, but the [remaining rules] are the same if you were trading a normal Practice Session. The winner of the tournament is the trader who earns the greatest trading profit.

We will announce the winners May 27th. The winners’ list will be published in our…

Our newest funded trader, Andreas Jobst, started his Traders’ Recruitment Program with ES but than focused on crude oil, his favorite symbol to trade now.

He is using the 1m/5m time frames to see the volume retest in the Box Chart module of the Volfix platform. The other component of his trading system is looking for delta imbalances in range bars. On top of all that, he is closely watching value areas for his weekly analysis in the Combo Bar Chart.

What leads him to success was his discipline and the right mindset and another “secret weapon” you will learn about from our interview with Andreas.

Liberty Market Investment and VolFix.Net are inviting you to take part in the free traders’ contest.

The contest is simulating the $50,000 Qualifying Session. You will trade for 2 weeks, August 27 to September 7. In order to win, you need to maximize your profits and follow the rules.

We will announce the winners in our live stream. They will get the following prizes:

Places 1–3: Free $50,000 Practice Session

Places 4–6: 40% discount for the Practice Session

*all other participants will get a 25% discount for the Practice Session granted that they have not broken any contest rules.


Liberty Market Investment

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